After the successful Pundit Hackday, the team worked on the ASK User Interace, trying to make it more user friendly.

You can see for yourself at

Notebook index tab

Ask index page (the Notebooks tab) has been revamped. Notebooks now are displayed as a flat, irregular-width list, with more information for each item.

Title, author, number of annotations and date of creation are directly visible and searchable through the search box, which will autocomplete the author names.

The notebooks are loaded asynchronously, with a pleasant loading state, useful not only for slow connection users.

My Ask tab

You can log in and alter the properties of your notebooks: setting them private or public, deleting or renaming them.

Ok, not really rocket science but still an improvement! Now you can perform those same actions both from the Pundit client and from Ask.

Notebook view

The notebook view has been redesigned to better fill the blanks. Each annotation has a fixed width with a nicer look. The larger your browser, the more columns you will be able to see.

We call this the “annotation centric” view, since each item is an annotation.

This view let user get immediately what the annotation is about, hiding part of it, if it contains a lot of statements.

Expanding an annotation gives you all the details.


Because our will to improve, refine and meet your needs is never over!

Opposed to the annotation centric view, we would like to create an “entity centric” view, which ideally will go beyond the annotation concept, breaking the boundaries and showing the users all of the relations of a given entity contained in a notebook.

More interactions on your notebooks, for example letting the user delete annotations directly.

Sort the annotations, to follow your order rather than the creation date.

Search annotations, for example discovering who annotated this certain image or what do notebooks say about Kant?

And many, many, many (too many?) more ideas!