Pundit Lab

Pundit Lab

Welcome to Pundit LAB!

Pundit LAB is a virtual R&D department where developers and researchers can experiment using Pundit.

While the main Pundit project aims to output stable releases with a well-tested set of features, Pundit LAB is designed to push web annotation beyond its limits by implementing experimental features.

At Net7 we are always open to new challenges and the implementation of tailor-made projects to push the boundaries of what web annotation can do.

Some of the features partially implemented within PunditLAB::

  • templates for faster annotation;
  • image annotation;
  • image fragment annotation.

All the features in the PunditLAB could be merged in the main Pundit project in the future. If you would like to be a part of the PunditLAB feel free to contact us or start from your own development from the Pundit repository on github.