What a great and productive day it has been!

It started with a brief introduction of Linked Data and Pundit (slides here).

And then continued with these 2 interactive prototypes. The first is showing the work done on the Annotation Templates feature! Imagine you want to annotate a very long text with a lot of annotations of the same kind, like “this piece of text is talking about this topic”. Well, the idea is to enable users to create an annotation with just selecting the text, without any other click/action required!

The user will be able to create as many templates he wishes to, for simple and more complicated annotations. From there, he will be able to make his annotations blazingly fast, avoiding the triple composer entirely.

The second prototyped feature shown is the automatic annotation. Again we value your time very seriously, and thus we want a simple, fast and efficient way of analysing automatically a text, letting you decide which annotations are correct and which are not. In theory various systems can be integrated and configured (such as dandelion.eu’s datatxt or dbpedia-spotlight), leaving the power in the hands of the user all the time.


The afternoon has seen brains focusing on new and interesting use cases, such as Video and Audio annotation. How would the user experience be for video annotations? What do we need to annotate a video? How do we show an annotation on a video? Can we annotate a time span of a video or a portion (say it’s bottom left part) or even a mix of both?

Live sketching was _AWESOME_!  As you can see in this picture:


people staring at the projected image of Friedrich sketching on paper! Very interactive, very fast, very interesting prototyping technique.

Other ideas discussed include how to extract modules from Pundit to better integrate them into 3rd party software and applications. For example if one just needs the triple composer, can he get rid (easily?) of everything else? Would it be better having a floating panel in that case or still having a fixed top toolbar?


So! Thanks everybody for joining and bring your fresh ideas. And a special thanks to the Bild Wissen Gestaltung Cluster of Excellence of the Humboldt University of Berlin for the fantastic venue!