Today we’ve introduced a new important feature in Pundit that opens up a lot of possibilities for reusing and sharing your annotations: in any Notebook in Pundit you will find a new button “Export notebook” that allows you to download the annotations of that Notebook in an ODT file (Open Document Text, Open Office).

This is a first step in allowing our users not only to use Pundit as a closed environment but also to reuse the annotations outside our platform.

Reuse and share web annotations

Web annotation is a very powerful technology and opens up a lot of new possibility of interaction with the web, but having annotations locked in a closed system can prevent users to fully exploit its potential. Our users need to reuse, copy, paste, modify and share their work. That’s why we’ve been working on this new feature. Other export formats will be provided soon!


Pundit Annotator Chrome Extension

Manage your annotations in Pundit