Pundit Release Notes

1.10.1 (Feb 9th 2023)
Notebook sharing
Support for Hypothes.is annotations

1.10.0 (May 5th 2023)
Old semantic annotations can be edited with the new Pundit
Angular upgrade
Server side services refactoring
Feed the Pundit service refactoring

1.9.2 (May 12th 2022)
Sidebar: changed default open state
Pdf: added not found error handler
Various UI improvements
Various fixes

1.9.1 (March 5th 2022)
Fixed lost password link
Fixed feedthepundit redirect

1.9.0 (October 28th 2022)
Upgraded from angular 9 to angular 14
Ppdated angular config
Ppdated libs prosemirror and tagify
Added create styles.js function

1.8.3 (October 24th 2022)
Fix lib dependencies

1.8.2 (August 19th 2022)
Added feedthepund.it annotation page metadata

1.8.1 (April 4th 2022)
Disabled chrome ext icon badge
Added feed web redirect check
Added feed pdf redirect
Added badge total cache
Added pdf standalone build config
Updated pdf config
Save favicon absolute URL
Fix pdf viewer build
Fix package net7/core imports
Fix pdf assets root path

1.8.0 (December 22nd 2021)
Added share menu on annotation header

1.7.2 (November 18th 2021)
Fix pdf loaded event

1.7.1 (November 17th 2021)
Fix pdf loading

1.7.0 (November 16th 2021)
open semantic section on edit modal for fullpage
updated document info params
updated chrome ext search params
(origin/feature/canonical-url) added pageMetadata check
added fullpage dropdown
added sidebar actions anchor title
Added dashboard notification link
(origin/feature/fullpage-annotations-dropdown) fix edit semantic
fix text editor state
fix sidebar collapse annotation css

1.6.1 (October 13th 2021)
Added notification icon on sidebar layout

1.6.0 (October 11th 2021)
First version of page annotations
Display full page annotations
css collapsed fullpage annotation
updated pdf model functions
updated annotation remove
updated chrome ext build
updated pdf build logic
updated pdfjs lib
added pdf service, events and logic
added pdf integration files
added angular config pdf viewer example
added api pdf pageContext
added pdf redirect logic
fix token update
fix annotation css class
fix chrome ext pdf check
fix annotation to show
fix sidebar events
fix pdf events

1.5.0 (September 27th 2021)
Avoid edit of triple with Uri as object
Update semantic component
Fix dateObject
Fix annotation filter

1.4.5 (September 22nd 2021)
Stop key event propagation
Fix publish script

1.4.4 (September 20th 2021)
Tag dropdown is not case sensitive.
added social analytics actions
fix publish script
fix remove social

1.4.3 (June 13th 2021)
updated annotation comment css
added generic reply changed event
updated reply css
update dependencies
Add class is-active to social buttons
updated mark active check
added code button
updated editor config
added setContent
added editor to modal
Update README.md
Update docs with more details on communication module
Update docs with URLs
Update the documentation
added editor class
Rename Social Comment to Reply
Added toast and loader for social comment actions.
setup editor component
Refactor social
primitive version of social feature
added loading on notebook change
added type AnnotationState
remove unused code
remove comment
Create menu header section
create annotation section components
updated analytics events
Some style for the semantic annotation.
added semantic actions dropdown
updated semantic annotation edit
updated annotation actions
updated sidebar annotation with semantic section
added semantic save logic
updated semantic section
added tooltip semantic nav
added semantic predicate model & service
fix user replies check
fix toast text
fix import background
fix social buttons
fix tagify dropdown
fix comment css
fix annotation click check
fix link active
fix sidebar update
fix annotation sidebar update
fix semantic focus
fix comment header
fix focus on social comment form
fixed zindex bug in semantic predicate dropdown

1.4.2 (July 6th 2021)
update size param on NotebookModel.search
added semantic section setup
Annotation is collapsed when clicking on the header.
Sidebar annotation style tweaks.
added public pundit api w/tags hint config

1.4.1 (July 2nd 2021)
Tags in annotation.
added set default notebook error handler
added notebook change event
added clear state on tooltip click
removed comment modal references
removed deprecated files
updated edit modal save logic
added tags section
fix comment position focus
fix edit modal reset
fix reset update payload state
fix textarea element check
fix duplicate working toast
fix html class
fix annotation menu labels

1.4.0 (June 24th 2021)
updated edit modal comment section
update communication dependencies
set current notebook on startup, login and sso.
updated dependencies
Update tag list on save
Add menu buttons
updated anchor analytics
updated analytics actions
added analytics user id
Add tooltip action tag
added anchoring events
added bootstrap event
added annotation & notebook events
added analytics model
added mixpanel lib
Added social model
added avatar fallback
fix tags request
fix tagify dropdown
fix whitelist and show dropdown
fix modal button behaviour

1.3.2 (May 28th 2021)
removed tokenSync before
updated storage service
updated communication lib
updated app modules
handle verifyEmail response
remove depracated dependencies
updated model communication params
removed baseUrl from communication models
removed deprecated models
updated imports with new annotation model
fix transformer error check
fix eslint
fix storage token sync
fix modal message
fix token remove on logout
fix token clear
fix cross messages
fix storage sync
fix register request
fix typo
fix eslint

1.3.1 (May 21st 2021)
updated toast verify success
fix toast close icon

1.3.0 (May 21st 2021)
added showLoginToast option
updated eslint config
added annotation model
removed test model
added NotebookModel
added cross message & common module
added verify toast success / error
added verified toast logic
readme in progress
updated icons css
added svg icon component
fix cross message request id
fix verify toast close on logout
fix error payload
fix type
fix detect changes
fix notebook panel icons

1.2.0 (May 6th 2021)
First release of the totally refactored, brand new version of Pundit!
Pundit is the Open Annotation tool of the EU research project TRIPLE.

1.1 – 1.1.X (2015 – 2019)
Pundit was the at the core of the EU research project StoM.

1.0 – 1.0.X (2011 – 2014)
First official release of Pundit, started with the involvement of Net7 in the EU research project SEMLIB.