Pundit is participating to a pilot of the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (EOSC-DIH), an international and multi-partner cooperation that supports companies in easily accessing the digital technologies and services offered by the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The pilot has the following objectives:

(1) supporting Net7 to onboard Pundit in the EOSC Marketplace, which will give to this tool a significant boost in visibility, especially amongst European researchers;

(2) studying other possible use cases and business exploitation options for Pundit, including the release of the service with a Freemium model (free to use for basic functionalities while for more advanced and professional features the user must pay a recurrent subscription);

(3) analysing the technical feasibility for deploying Pundit, which is currently hosted at AWS, in an EOSC infrastructure.

This work is co-funded by the EOSC Future project under the European Union Horizon Programme call INFRAEOSC-03-2020 – Project ID 101017536.