Pundit for Magazines

Pundit is the best tool to engage users with online content. It can be embedded in any magazine or website to power online discussion among users: it provides the possibility to comment text passages and then reply, like or dislike comments.

Commenting at the bottom of the page is becoming outdated since those comments are disconnected from the content and users need to discuss on precise parts of text. Pundit allows starting a discussion related to a precise passage in the text thus making the discussion among users strictly related to the context.

Pundit for Magazines is a valid alternative to native WordPress or Drupal comments, Disqus and other traditional commenting system.

We can provide Pundit as a snippet of code or plugin to embed it in the web pages of your organization or magazine. Pricing may vary depending on features required and customization.  If you need more info please fill the form below and we’ll contact you.



Users can comment (and highlight) any text passage in the page. The comment is the starting point for a discussion and more users engagement.

Reply, Like, Dislike

It is also possible to reply to comments with a text note, starting a thread related to a part of the original text. Social interaction as Like and Dislike are also provided to engage users.


A Report function allows users to report potentially harmful comments that need to be removed.

Single sign on

If your platform has a registration/system we can provide a single-sign-on feature to avoid annoying double logins.

Pundit Dashboard

Users can review all their comments and activities in a central application: the Pundit Dashboard.

Coming features

Social sharing

Comments and replies can be shared on Twitter and Facebook potentially engaging more users and bring the discussion from social networks back on your magazine or website.

Comment sharing

Comments have an unique link (URL) that can be used to refer to them in other texts and to share them.

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