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1. General Terms

Pundit Code is divided into Pundit Server Code and Pundit Annotator code.

1.1 Pundit Server

Pundit Server is released under a dual license model.

1.1.1 The latest version of the Pundit Server is released under a commercial licence (“Pundit Server Embargo License”).

1.1.2 Pundit Server previous versions are released under a AGPL 3.0 ( Contributors are asked to sign the Pundit Committer’s Agreement v1.0 (see §2). Independently of the release cycle, a proprietary embargoed version (“latest version”) becomes a “previous version” after 6 months of its publication. Hence all new versions of the Pundit Server will be released under a AGPL 3.0 license after 6 months of embargo.

1.2 Pundit Annotator and Annotator Pro

Pundit Annotator and Annotator Pro are released under a AGPL 3.0 license ( Contributors are asked to sign the Pundit Committer’s Agreement v1.0 (see §2).
Pundit Annotator and Annotator Pro github repository.

2. Pundit Committer’s Agreement v1.1

In order to become a Committer – that is, to obtain the ability to contribute information (“Code”) to Pundit server and client source code or data repository – you (“You”) must indicate your agreement to the terms below by completing and signing this agreement and returning it to a Net7 at the address

Download Pundit Committers Agreement v 1.1.

3. End-User License for the Pundit-server software application, most recent version (“Pundit-server embargo”)

3.1 Preliminary remarks

This license regards users of the software application named Pundit-server (hereafter, the Software). The license represents an agreement that defines the use of the Software and sets forth the terms and conditions solely for the license to use the Software and any modules connected to it which are purchased at the same time as or subsequently to the original purchase of the Software.

The Software is distributed and marketed to persons other than the “Consumer” as defined in Italian Legislative Decree 09/06/05 No. 206 (Consumer Code). Consequently provisions contained in the said Consumer Code do not apply to the present license.

The Software is protected by copyright law, the laws on the protection of software, as well as by international copyright treaties.

The Software is the intellectual property of Net7. The license therefore does not give the customer any rights to the source program. All the techniques, algorithms and procedures contained in the Software and its related documentation are confidential and proprietary information of Net7, and cannot be used by the customer for purposes other than those specified in this license.

The Software is neither sold nor provided free of charge, but only licensed for use as strictly provided by the terms of the present document.

Should the User not consent to the terms of this license, then the User will not be given permission to use the Software.

3.2 Grant of License

Net7 hereby grants to name of client (hereafter, the User) under license the use of Pundit-server software application (hereafter, the Software) on a permanent, non-exclusive and non-transferable basis, but with the following limits:

– The User can install and use only one copy of the Software on a single computer or on multiple computers in a client-server system up to a maximum number of computers indicated at the time of purchase. The Customer shall not copy the Software in any way (even partially) or for any reason, except with the right to make one copy for backup or to store the Software for backup purposes. This license may not be shared or used concurrently on different computers, unless they are part of a client-server system. Net7 retains the right to activate devices that restrict or prevent the duplication of the Software or its unauthorized installation.

The backup copy must contain (in perfectly legible characters) any information relating to confidentiality, ownership, copyright and trademarks printed on the original Software. Both the original copy of the Software and the stored copy are subject to the restrictions set out in this Agreement and both must be returned in the event of the termination, for any reason, of this license.

– The User shall not in any way reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software, nor attempt in any way to obtain the source code. The Software is licensed as a single product, its components cannot be separated in order to be used on multiple computers nor can they be used separately or in any other way.

– The User is expressly forbidden from transferring the Software or sublicensing it to third parties or to allow its use by a third party either at no charge or under payment.

3.3 Duration and termination clause

The license is considered permanent.

However, should the User fail to respect any of the limits and prohibitions laid down in Articles 1) and 3) of this license, the license shall be deemed terminated with immediate effect and without prior notice pursuant to art. 1456 of the Italian civil code.

The User shall then return the Software to Net7 no later than three days from the communication of the said termination, without affecting the rights of Net7 to obtain compensation for the damage suffered due to the User defaulting on this agreement.

3.4 Copyright, industrial property and brand protection

Pursuant to and for the purposes of this license, “Rights” shall mean patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights (registered and unregistered), rights on utility models, and other intellectual property rights provided in any national law.

The following are all deemed to be the intellectual property of Net7: all titles, captions to texts, images related to the Software (including, but not limited to, photographs, images, drawings, animations, video, audio, music, applets, scripts), the accompanying printed materials, and whatever else is part of the Pundit-server product.

Consequently, the User shall use the Software as with any other material covered by copyright given that the User has no rights to the use of what is contained therein. The User guarantees that no rights will be violated or otherwise affected in the course of using the Software given that Net7 remains the exclusive owner of the rights to the Software.

Any misuse, as well as any improper, illegal, or immoral use, or in any case not in accordance with the terms of this license, on the part of the User or by employees of the User, constitutes a violation of the proprietary rights of Net7 and is therefore subject to legislative measures.

3.5 Warranty and disclaimers

Prior to the purchase of the license, the User is responsible for verifying the compatibility of the Software with the User’s operating system and other system requirements of the computer on which the User intends to install and use the Software, and the User shall verify the suitability for the Software for the User’s intended use.

Net7 is the exclusive guarantor of the right to grant the Software under license to the User, and shall provide the Software to the user in the state in which it is. Net7 shall not be liable for any usage of the Software if such usage does not conform what is set out in this license. Net7 shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, either material or moral, that may arise as a result of the installation and / or use.

In particular, Net7 disclaims all other warranties and conditions for any direct or indirect damage, software and / or hardware, which may arise as a result of the installation and / or use of the Software, whether or not due to defects in the Software and / or any inexperience in the installation and / or use.

Net7 shall under no circumstances be liable with regard to the User for any loss of data, loss of profits, loss of productivity, overheads, depreciation, lost revenues, or for any other form of loss or indirect and consequential damage connected with performance, application, interpretation of this agreement, of the commitments of the parties in terms of this agreement, and the exercise of the powers, rights and reserves attributed to the parties under the license.

Even in the case of defects, Net7 shall only provide for the replacement of the Software, to the exclusion of any other obligation or liability.

Net7 warrants solely that the software is able to perform the operations provided for and described in the technical documentation. Any verifications shall be carried out using only the tests provided by Net 7.

The warranty is also conditional to the proper functioning of the computer and system software and the proper use of the system by the User who shall install and use the Software only in accordance with the technical information provided by Net7.

3.6 Jurisdiction

This license is governed by the Italian laws in force, including legislation regarding patents and copyrights.

3.7 Disputes

Any disputes arising in connection with this contract shall be settled in the court of Pisa, Italy.