Pundit: Highlight and comment on any page on the web.
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1. General Terms

Pundit is a cloud service, the Pundit code is divided into Pundit Annotator and Pundit Server code.

1.1 Pundit Annotator

Pundit Annotator is released under a AGPL 3.0 license ( Contributors are asked to sign the Pundit Committer’s Agreement v1.0 (see §2).
Pundit Annotator GitHub repository.

1.2 Pundit Server

The Pundit Server code is only available for commercial use. Please contact us for further information.

2. Pundit Committer’s Agreement v1.1

In order to become a Committer – that is, to obtain the ability to contribute information (“Code”) to Pundit server and client source code or data repository – you (“You”) must indicate your agreement to the terms below by completing and signing this agreement and returning it to a Net7 at the address
Download Pundit Committers Agreement v 1.1.