Pundit Dashboard

A single app to review all your work. Your annotations can be reviewed and managed in your dashboard: navigate through your notebooks, perform advanced searches and export all your web annotations.

The Pundit Dashboard is where you can browse and manage your annotations, which are stored in notebooks. The dashboard enables you to search, filter and organize your annotations in a single dedicated place. Notebooks can also be exported into external formats, thus enabling them to be reused by humans and machines.

The Pundit Dashboard is unique to Pundit no similar products have anything similar.


Pundit Dashboard Annotations Review

Annotations review

A unique application where you can review all your annotations.

Pundit Dashboard Search

Advanced search

Advanced search in all Pundit with faceted system. Annotations can be filtered by type, predicate, original source (web page) or date

Pundit Dashboard Notebooks


While annotating, you can create notebooks to save your web annotations in. From the Pundit Dashboard you can directly create, edit and delete a notebook or individual annotations inside it.

Pundit Dashboard Export

Notebook export

Your web annotations can be exported into other formats (by default they will be in ODT). This feature enables you to share your work with your colleagues and to edit it again. You can then easily use your annotations for future work, such as writing a blog post or an article

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Pundit Dashboard is an online web application you can start using now.
Remember to install Pundit Annotator or Pundit Annotator Pro to create your annotations!

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