Pundit Annotator

With Pundit Annotator you can highlight or comment on any text on the web. It is the perfect tool for your work, research, study. Pundit Annotator also helps you broaden your everyday reading on the web.

Web annotation means being able to add, modify or remove information from a Web resource without modifying the resource itself.  The annotations are like a layer on top of the existing resource. This annotation layer is visible to other users who share the same annotation system.

Web annotation can be used:

  • to rate a Web resource, e.g. by its usefulness, user-friendliness, suitability for viewing by minors.
  • to improve or adapt its contents by adding/removing material, like a wiki.
  • as a collaborative tool, e.g. to discuss the contents of a certain resource.
  • as a medium of artistic or social criticism, by allowing Web users to reinterpret, enrich or protest against institutions or ideas that appear on the Web.
  • to quantify transient relationships between information fragments.

(see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_annotation)

Pundit Annotator is the easiest tool for web annotation: it allows you to highlight and comment on any text on any web page. It is designed for users who want to exploit the power of web annotation: students, journalists, and users in general.

Once created, your annotations remain on the page so that they are visible to you and other people.


Pundit Annotator Highlight


Select any part of text on a web page and highlight it

Pundit Annotator Social Features

Social features

Reply, like, dislike or report other users annotations

Pundit Annotator Comment


You can comment on a fragment of text

Pundit Annotator Sidebar

Web annotations review on the sidebar

On the right-hand sidebar you can see and review (edit and delete) your own annotations

Pundit Annotator Notebooks


Your annotations are saved in a notebook that you can create and browse

Get started, it’s free!

Pundit Annotator Install

Pundit Annotator it’s a Chrome Extension you can install on your Google Chrome browser right now!

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