Pundit Annotator Pro: new version coming soon!

Pundit Annotator Pro is the perfect tool for researchers, journalists and professionals who want to exploit the power of semantic technology while annotating the web by building semantic relations with other web pages, text fragments or Wikipedia.

Annotation consists in attaching data to a document or to a fragment of it, by providing additional information (metadata) about an existing resource. Semantic Annotation allows you to bridge the ambiguity of the natural language when expressing notions and their computational representation in a formal language.

By telling a computer how data items are related and how relations can be evaluated automatically, it becomes possible to process complex operations such as filtering and searchingPundit Annotator Pro is an advanced tool for semantic web annotation: it allows you to highlight and comment on any text and to create semantic annotations (with one or more triples) on any web page. It is designed for professional users who want to exploit the power of web annotation and the semantic web:

  • scholars, who want to perform advanced critical editions;
  • journalists, and in particular structured journalists;
  • and any user interested in exploiting the potential of semantic web and linked data.


Pundit Annotator Pro Semantic Annotation

Semantic annotation

Select a portion of text and use it as the subject of the triple. Then choose an appropriate predicate and then select the object

Pundit Annotator Pro Filter

Filter annotations in sidebar

On the right-hand sidebar you can filter annotations considering their author, the notebook in which they are contained, the entity type, and the date range in which they were created

Pundit Annotator Social Features

Social features

Reply, like, dislike, endorse or report other users annotations

Pundit Annotator Pro Page Annotation

Full web page annotation

Besides text fragments, you can annotate a full web page

Pundit Annotator Pro Favourites


You can save fragments of text and web pages as favourites. This enables you to reuse them quickly in creating annotations between text fragments on different pages

Pundit Annotator Pro Wikipedia


Pundit is natively connected to DBpedia entities, which correspond to Wikipedia entries, which can be used to build your semantic annotation

Advanced features

These features can be activated on demand. Contact us for more information.

Pundit Annotator Pro Annomatic


Pundit has an Entity Extraction system (powered by Dandelion API). If activated, users can choose to extract entities from a portion of text, and then manually approve or reject each one

Pundit Annotator pro predicates

Custom predicates

The list of supported predicates can be customized to your needs

Pundit Annotator Pro Resource

Resource annotation

Besides web pages and their portions, Pundit enables you to annotate abstract resources such as Cultural Heritage Objects. This feature enables you to use an object of a museum or of an archive as the target of your annotations

Pundit Annotator Pro LOD

Linked Data connections

Besides DBPedia, which is natively installed in Pundit Annotator Pro, new connectors for different Linked Data providers can be activated

Pundit Annotator Pro Shortcuts


Annotation shortcuts simplify your job when you need to create similar semantic annotations over time.- Shortcuts can be customized to your specific needs

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