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Start using Pundit now in three easy steps

Pundit download Chrome Extension

Register to Pundit

Go to the registration page and register with your social account – Google, Facebook or EGI Check-in – or your email.

Pundit register

Install the Chrome Extension

Install the Pundit Annotator Chrome Extension onto your Google Chrome Browser.

Pundit annotate

Start webnotating

Open any page you need to annotate and launch Pundit Annotator. Just select a part of the text and create your comment or highlight.

Pundit annotator

Web annotation made easy

With Pundit Annotator you can highlight or comment on any text on the web. It is the perfect tool for your work, research, study. Pundit Annotator also helps you broaden your everyday reading on the web.
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Pundit Dashboard

A single app to review all your work: your annotations can be reviewed and managed in your dashboard: navigate through your notebooks, perform advanced searches and export all your web annotations.

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