How can Pundit help you?

Are you a researcher, a student, a journalist? Watch the video and discover how Pundit will meet your needs.


Easy annotations

With Pundit you can easily create semantic annotations and store them in the same place. Pundit is still in alpha version.

Pundit and Semantic web

Linked Data

Easily turn web documents into a semantic knowledge graph by pulling from and enriching the Web of Data.

Pundit is open source

Open source

Pundit is licensed under AGPL 3.0, see the license and contribute.

What’s going on

Presenting Pundit at École Nationale des Chartes, Paris

Presenting Pundit at École Nationale des Chartes, Paris

Tomorrow Wednesday 3rd February our team member Francesca Di Donato will present Pundit in Paris at the École Nationale des Chartes in the context of the program E-philology PSL. She will introduce the concepts of semantic and web annotation and how this technology can be exploited to help the digital humanist in her research work and everyday consumption of the web. Then she will introduce the full Pundit suite of applications with some live demo. These are the details of the event: When : Wednesday 3 February 2016 Time : from 13:00 till 15:00. Where : ENC, salle Delisle, 65 rue de Richelieu, 75002 Paris. Official link...

Reuse and share your Pundit web annotations

We’ve introduced a new important feature in Pundit that opens up a lot of possibilities for reusing and sharing your annotations: in any Notebook in Pundit you will find a new button “Export notebook” that allows you to download the annotations of that Notebook in an ODT file.

The new Pundit Annotator is out!

The new Pundit Annotator is out!

We are glad to announce the release of the new Pundit Annotator. The new tool is available as a Chrome Extension and can be installed on your Google Chrome web browser. Pundit Annotator is a simple tool for web annotation that allows users to highlight and comment parts of text in any web page with a few clicks. It also supports the Notebooks feature allowing you to select a Notebook or create a new one on the fly as you save your highlight or comment. Pundit Annotation enriches the Pundit suite with a new tool designed for general users, students and journalists who need to annotate web pages quickly without creating semantic annotations. For pro users who need to harness the power of semantic web the original Pundit Annotator Pro is still available and will be updated soon. Install Pundit Annotator...


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